Past Programs



Succulents of Mpumalanga and Kwa Zulu-Natal by Jeff Pavlatt, Austin Cactus and Succulents Society

Dragon Fruit Pitahayas: The Past, Present, and Future of the Hylocereus spp.
by Steven Michael Ramirez, HCSS member

Landscaping with Cactus & Succulents by Claude Townsend – San Antonio Xerophyte Society

The Value of a Botanical Garden for Houston by Jeff Ross, Houston Botanic Garden

"Common Pests of Cactus, Agaves, & Yuccas" by Liliana Rodriguez

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum by Mike Cracraft

Star Cactus (Astrophytum asterias), A bedroom or bees and a cupborad for conies by Anna Strong, M.S.

"The Origins of Epiphytic Cacti. A Historial Perspective."
by Dr. Ernst Dorsch

Types of Soils & Growing Difficult Plants
by Dave Thomas & Richard Stamper

Building a Greenhouse by Jeff Boggan

Succulent Winter Bulbs by Richard Stamper

Gardening to Attract Butterflies and Moths
by Farrar Stockton, president Houston Chapter of the North American Butterflies Association

Status of Cactoblastis cactorum in the U.S. and the threat to Opuntia plants
by Stephen J. Keller, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Succulent Speculation
by Jeff Boggan, HCSS

Cactus Tales from the Net
Bobby Crabb, HCSS

The use of climatology and live weather data to assist in growing your plants
Fred Haase, HCSS

A Pictorial Guided Tour to Desert Plants of the Southwest
David Van Langen, HCSS

Quito Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands
Phyllis and Dick McEuen, HCSS

Kanapaha Botanical Garden
Wally Ward

Why Study Plants?
Liliana Rodriguez-Cracraft

Pictorial review of our 2008 and 2009 West Texas field trips
Gloria and Richard Stamper.

Photographing Cacti & Succulents
Irving Lightstone

A Different Look at Brazil
Dick & Phyllis McEuen, Houston C&SS

The Importance of Native Plants in Landscaping
Linda Knowles, Texas Native Plant Society, Houston

The Desert Rose: An Ideal Bonsai
Claude Townsend, San Antonio Cactus & Xerophyte Society

Sansevieria Symposium
Richard Stamper, HCSS

Philadelphia Flower Show
Bobby Crabb, HCSS

Buenos Aires & Southern Patagonia
Dick & Phyllis McEuen, HCSS

Texas Native Bees
Dr. Jack Ness, Texas Melittological Institute

Kew Gardens
Mike Cracraft, HCSS

Haworthia Greenhouse Cultivation
Paul Downes, Teas Nursery

Succulents of Eastern Brazil
Phyllis and Dick McEuen, HCSS

Wallace Ward, HCSS
Growing succulents from seed

Conserving the West 11th Street Park from Development
Dr. Lorraine Cherry, President Friends of the West 11th Street Park

Xerophyte tour of Big Bend
Fred Haase, HCSS

Bob Barth, Austin
South African Tour

Costa Rican Nature Tour
Phyllis & Dick McEuen, Josie Watts, Bruce Moffett, HCSS

Lou Jacobs, Plumeria Society of America

Dwarf Aloes
Richard Stamper, HCSS

Creative Dish Gardens
Susan Pietrowski, Owner of Utopian Art

Endagered Texas Cacti
Jackie Poole, Texas Parks and Wildlife

Watersmart Landscaping
Chris Lachance, Watersmart Coordinator, Texas Coastal Watershed Program

Odean Head, Houston Bromeliad Society